FC DDW 2015

“What if the creative industry would rise as the new shirt sponsor of football club PSV and the form and function of the stadium would be redefined by young designers, artists and architects?” This question was asked by curator Jules van den Langenberg and FC DDW 2015 resulted from this, an exhibition around the Philips Stadium during the Dutch Design Week 2015.

We contributed by developing a system that encourage a visitor to view the artworks not in itself but against the background they are a reaction to – the PSV Stadium. We created “Paul” – a few dozen viewpoints that routes the visitor along the exhibition around the stadium and offers carefully chosen views on the artworks against the stadium.

We also designed an accompanying website that encourages viewing and looking the exhibition the same way online.


In collaboration with Julian Doove
FCDDW 2015 Cover image

Online Radio Festival

Online Radio Festival is a festival celebrating independent radio culture with a live marathon programme curated by some of the leading online radio stations. Marsdiep developed an identity and campaign that represents the experimental stream of the festival.


Online Radio Festival cover image

BAKK Records

BAKK is a stubborn record label from The Hague. From the day BAKK came to existence Marsdiep has been highly involved in designing all their recordswith related inlays and test pressings, and musical events they organised.

BAKK Records cover image

Why Why ohh Why

YYOY is the first part of a trilogy of installation based performances by artist Nikki Hock. Without a single click you navigate the website by moving your mouse, which translates the feeling of moving through a space. njoy!


YYOY Cover Image


Music and theatre collective mc KASSETT loves to use a motley combination of language, music, philosophy, tone, sound, voice, written, spoken, sung, story, history, knowledge, question, research and science to achieve and applaud thinking.

Marsdiep developed an identity and website that engaged with this pursuit by approaching text as something more than just information, as a bold play with words and syllables that should be used superfluous.


mc KASSETT Cover image


Extrapool is a venue and art space in Nijmegen that merges art, music and print. We were asked to design a poster that announces artists, designers and print makers involved at Extrapool the upcoming season.

Both posters are Riso printed A2’s by Extrapool in four colours.

Extrapool Cover Image


This is an ongoing research on how cinematic narrative can be created from data – directed and designed by a computer. While looking into the history of movie, cinema and graphic design and develop code simultaneously, we let the computer generate stills, sequences, and what’s in between. This questions what’s the role between man and machine in the creation and experience of a (cinematic) narrative.

automatic-eureka cover image


Clone is a record label, record shop and music distributor and the main ambassador of the Dutch West Coast music scene. With having quite a visual legacy, it’s a pleasure to design artwork that both appreciates their past and goes in a new direction.

Clone cover image

Das Leben am Haverkamp

Das Leben am Haverkamp (DLAH) is a fashion collective of four individual fashion designers. As they have a shared disagreement on the imaginative borders that are usually created between disciplines, they teamed up to create the novel context necessary for their unrestricted way of working and thinking.

We wanted to create a website that welcomes the visitor to investigate the playful and visual appealing world of DLAH that consists of both their collective efforts as their individual labels. And there is also a bullshit filter.


In collaboration with Mark Ridder
Das Leben am Haverkamp Cover Image


HOOFDROL is a play by music and theatre collective mcKASSETT that fictively marries two persons that seem to be opposites — sex bomb Jayne Mansfield and philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. Marsdiep created a campaign that playfully compares these two stereotypes.


HOOFDROL cover image

graphic design festival breda

That year, we contributed to Graphic Design Festival Breda by questioning the the way the festival exhibited graphic design. In our opinion, putting posters in those convenient displays doesn’t help in getting insight into the process of graphic design — they mostly direct attention towards judging a poster whether “it’s nice that” or not. With our poster, we suggested one should not only exhibit the end result but also choices and methods used if one wants to truly give insight in process of graphic design.

In collaboration with Julian Doove
graphic design festival breda cover image

Gender Unknown

Gender Unknown is a clothing collection designed by Fatima Khan. The garments in the collection are based on traditional clothing where there are no visual differences between gender. By scrolling through the website, you (re-)combine the various garments of the collection to make new compositions or isolate specific details.



gender unknown cover image


Yearly the Miljoenennota (Dutch annual budget) is released for the public to view. Accordingly, people react with messages, opinions and mostly dissatisfaction how it will concern them. This is curious taking into consideration that the Miljoenennota is too complex and comprehensive for the general public to actually understand. With this installation we wanted to give insight how these opinions and messages are formed, from the official budget plan to an individual’s opinion.

In front of the play board is a big screen containing different messages and opinions related to the Miljoenennota. Moving closer makes the more personal readable (like a local news article to one’s personal opinion), by moving away only messages and opinions that are more distant (like the official budget plans). Moving along the screen one passes different themes (Work, Culture, Healthcare, etc.). Moving around the play board gives the viewer a sense of position (or lostness) in this sequence of opinion forming.

In collaboration with Julian Doove and Tom Lugtmeijer
Miljoenennota cover image